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When I found out I was having twins, I was elated! It was an answered prayer. I also didn’t feel overwhelmed or scared at having two babies at once. Maybe it’s because so many of my fabulous friends are also twin moms. In fact, one of my friends is a mama to triplets and my other friend, Morgendee, below, is a mama to two sets of twins. So whenever I have questions, I have an army of help from experienced moms of multiples. When I put my registry together, these are three of my twin mom friends who I asked for help. Here are their must haves for moms of multiples.


1-1 My friend Morgendee, mentioned above should just be called Wonder Woman! First of all, she is the kindest soul you will ever meet. Second, she is an amazing mom. She has two sets of twins, 2 boys and newborn daughters, and sandwiched in between is her other sweet, adorable daughter. Morgendee’s approach to buying gadgets and gear when you’re a mom of multiples is to keep it simple. Her must have is the TwinGo Carrier. Here’s why:




Elizabeth is a busy working mom to the cutest 7 month old boy/girl twins. She and I could go on and on talking about strollers, car seats, and everything else you need when you’re a mom of multiples. These are her three favorites:


2-3 2-4



Jaclyn is another twin mom friend I adore. She’s the mom to two precious twin boys who are just over a year old. She also believes in keeping things simple and practical. Check out the products she loves:







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