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If you follow me on Twitter, you know I am a huge fan of my Vitamix. Well, the Good Day New York producers apparently do. I was called by a producer friend and assumed she wanted me to do a beauty or fashion segment. But, it was my love for my Vitamix they wanted me to come on air and talk about. Now, I am no chef, but the Vitamix helps your cooking look professional. My husband and I use it daily – whether it’s a morning smoothie, blending a sauce for dinner, or using raw almonds to make almond butter when we have a craving.



Now, the Vitamix is amazing – it can chop, blend, puree, heat up soups, make cold desserts. But, there is a but. It’s pricey. The top model is about $650. You can get a lower priced model for about $350. I can promise you won’t be disappointed with its performance. Plus, it’s so easy to clean. No base to unscrew. Just add in detergent, a bit of water, set to the cleaning mode and in 60 seconds it’s squeaky clean. You can pick one up at most department stores or Williams Sonoma.


Eating healthy is also a must in our home. Instead of mashed potatoes, we use our Vitamix to make “Cauliflower Mash.” It’s pretty much on the menu weekly in our home.

And did I promise you simple or what? Here’s my recipe:
A smoothie is another staple in our home. Here’s my recipe for my “Slimming Smoothie.”


Now, dessert is not something we do regularly in our home. We skipped dessert for months leading up to our wedding. But lately, we have been in the mood for treats. Here’s a healthy dessert that is perfectly in style for fall.




Click here to watch the segment. Happy cooking!


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